October 25, 2018

Simplify Your IT

Denver Biz Tech Expo

Mile High Stadium
9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Security Panel

A moderated discussion on the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape featuring key experts in the field. Drawing from their experience and frontline exposure, the panelists will offer insight into evolving threats, strategies for responding to threats and attacks, safeguards to protect data and how we can enhance the national cybersecurity landscape through information sharing.  Simplify your cyber security!


Erfan Ibrahim, Ph.D.

Center Director for Cyber-Physical Systems Security & Resilience R&D
National Renewable Energy Lab

Dr. Erfan Ibrahim is the Founder and CEO of The Bit Bazaar LLC (TBB) (http://tbbllc.com )since August 2001.  TBB offers a full suite of professional services in IT, networking, communications and cybersecurity to service providers, corporate enterprises, academia, healthcare and government agencies.  Erfan’s professional career spans over 30 years and includes hands-on experience in nuclear engineering, information technology, communications, networking, cybersecurity, smart grid and renewable energy.  He is an expert in helping organizations align their digital technology goals with their strategic business goals.

During his 3-decade career Erfan has worked for Lawrence Livermore National Lab, UCLA, Pacific Bell, Jyra Research, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL).  At EPRI he led the Smart Meter and Cybersecurity R&D Programs during 2008 – 2011 for electric utility and high-tech companies.

While at EPRI, he organized and led the first 2 workshops for Smart Grid Interoperability Roadmap Project for the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) in 2009 to build consensus on standards for interoperability in the smart grid.  Those workshops led to the creation of a public-private partnership known as Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (part of Smart Electric Power Alliance today).

  • While at NREL he led the Cyber-Physical Systems Security & Resilience Center (CPSS&R) for 3 years (2015 – 2018) and pioneered the concept of a 9-layer cybersecurity architecture to protect power systems from insider and external cyber threats.  There is a Secure Distribution Grid Management testbed at NREL Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) in Golden Colorado built on Erfan’s 9-layer concept to demonstrate the effectiveness of this novel layered defense approach to protect critical infrastructure systemically without relying on protocol level security.  

    Erfan has also been moderating a Smart Grid Educational Series webinar forum since October 2008.  This monthly information sharing resource brings experts in power systems, renewable energy, energy efficiency and cybersecurity to discuss pertinent issues from a policy, business process and technology perspective.  The SGES distribution has grown to over 5000 people across 10+ nations globally over the past 9 years since it was launched. This forum has now been rebranded as “Resilient Energy Systems Information Sharing Townhall” (RESIST) and will start running monthly webinars from June 2018.

    Erfan’s current activities include assisting utilities, vendors, integrators, government agencies and enterprise customers secure their critical infrastructure from cyber threats.  Erfan is also working with industry experts on an innovative approach to build smart communities (25,000 – 50,000 people) powered by small modular nuclear reactors (SMR), renewable energy and hydrogen and using desalination and electric furnaces to meet fresh water and recycling needs.  Erfan is also advising the Colorado Community College system to develop an innovative research program for its students to give them new career options and revitalize the State’s economy.

    Erfan has a Bachelor of Science in Physics with honors from Syracuse University in 1983, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in Nuclear Engineering from University of Texas Austin in 1984 and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from University of California Berkeley in 1987.    


Jennifer Kurtz, PMP

Cyber Program Director
Author, Hacking Wireless Access Points: Cracking, Tracking, and Signal Jacking

Jennifer Kurtz is cyber program director at Manufacturer’s Edge, the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partner for Colorado. Her mission is to promote the understanding that the cyber security journey is like hiking a 14er: you have to start early (now!); commit to taking many steps; pack appropriate tools and supplies; and be resigned to encountering occasional false summits, surprise crevasses, and changing conditions. She assists manufacturers within the aerospace and defense supply chain with NIST 800-171 compliance activities–and any Colorado SMB with HB 1128 compliance and with being more secure tomorrow than they are today.

Jennifer’s first professional experience with information security was working as an analyst on Kissinger’s National Security Council staff, in the days when the emphasis was on physical protection of classified information. She was also on the DynCorp team to design security for the first electronic IRS tax filing system; worked five years as technology infrastructure, security, and project manager for an international automotive manufacturer; pushed broadband initiatives as award-winning director of eCommerce for the State of Indiana; studied and worked at Purdue University’s CERIAS with security guru Professor Gene Spafford; and was consultant on ISO 27001 and related projects.

Jennifer is affiliate faculty at Regis University (graduate courses in cyber security and project management since 2010); SME and coach for the Colorado SBDC network; and writer. She is author of the book “Hacking Wireless Access Points: Cracking, Tracking, and Signal Jacking” (2016) and the DLP chapter in “The Data Breach and Encryption Handbook” (2011), in addition to numerous other book chapters and articles—as well as a monthly blog on practical security, Simply Cyber. She holds an MBA and PMP certification.


Paul Mako

Massive Networks

Paul Mako, born and raised in Minnesota, is the CEO & CTO of Massive Networks (massivenetworks.com). Graduating at the top of his class in computer science and literature from the University of Colorado, Paul began his journey in custom network engineering back in 1996 as an internet service provider with Rockynet. Utilizing his extraordinary skill set, Paul designed a proprietary T1 and security service system that went unchallenged until the advent of true VLAN’s in 2000.

Even more important than the innovations in technology, Paul was also able to expand the infrastructure within a building on a success-based build-out. This allowed Paul to light up both large and small buildings at a very low cost. While the security technologies have since been replaced, the inexpensive model for lighting small buildings continues to thrive and go unchallenged.

Today, Paul oversees the network customization for Massive Networks where he is able to help streamline enterprise class data transport services across the entire us domestic carrier system and to 181 countries worldwide equating to over 1.7 million buildings.

Massive offers blended managed network & colocation services, premium internet services, managed network services, and a new class of engineered ethernet LAN services allowing companies to extend their private networks across the country without VPN. Additionally, companies can connect their internal LANS directly and privately to their servers in our world class data centers around the country. With Paul’s prior activity within the mergers and acquisitions field, he is actively pursuing expansions that can benefit the enterprise sector.

To learn more about Paul Mako, you can connect with him on Linkedin or email him directly at pmako@massivenetworks.com.

Gmoss (002)

Gregg Moss

President & CEO
Metro North Chamber of Commerce

Gregg Moss is the President and CEO of the Metro North Chamber of Commerce; a regional organization spanning 12 cities, 4 counties and 6 school districts in Northern Colorado. Since 1959, the Metro North Chamber has played an integral role in fostering business development within the region.

Prior to joining the Chamber, Gregg served as Executive Director of Mile Hi Church overseeing a 58 year-old non-profit  community that serves more than 180,000 people a year through 12 community-based programs.

Gregg is a well-known fixture in the business community because he was an anchor/reporter for 9NEWS for more than two decades, and prior to that he worked for The Denver Business Journal as Associate Publisher.

In addition to the work history described above, Gregg has experience as a business-owner, senior level manager and educator.  He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, the International Olympic Committee around the world, and he has held several leadership positions at large non-profits in the metro area.

Moss moved to Colorado in 1985 from New Orleans, Louisiana where he attended Loyola University with a double-major in Communications and Social Work; he also has an honorary doctorate degree from the Colorado Institute of Art.  Moss has received numerous awards for his community involvement and journalistic work. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Colorado Enterprise Fund, the North Area Transit Alliance, Smart Commute Metro North, the DRCOG Advisory Council, the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation and the advisory board of A Precious Child.

US Secret Service logo

Issac Barnes

Special Agent in Charge
US Secret Service