2017 Expo Topics

Women in Technology Panel

A moderated discussion featuring women who have paved the way in their respective industries and fields of expertise. These successful women have advanced their careers through determination and commitment, many in male dominated industries. The panel will discuss many topics including gender parity, women empowerment, education, discrimination, and career advancement to name a few.

Cyber Security Panel

A moderated discussion on the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape featuring key experts in the field. Drawing from their experience and frontline exposure, the panelists will offer insight into evolving threats, strategies for responding to threats and attacks, safeguards to protect data and how we can enhance the national cybersecurity landscape through information sharing.


We feature a variety of dynamic experts providing valuable knowledge and insight on multiple topics. Our speakers strive to educate and empower the audience presenting new information helping the attendees manage their technology, employees and overall business.


We provide interactive training in a comfortable setting with hands on delivery of critical information. Our workshop experts deliver tactical and useful tools to the attendees so they can immediately apply this new knowledge to their organizations.

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