Content Marketing— a strategy your technology firm can’t ignore

Content may be king, but quality content delivered to the right place, at the right time, and through the right medium is priceless, especially for technology firms.

The unique challenges of technology organizations make content marketing vital to success.

A recent 2017 Technology Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends report showed that technology companies are reaping huge rewards with content marketing strategies, which is impressive considering the competition.

In fact, 69% of technology marketers say their firms are committed to a content marketing strategy.


Here’s the simple answer. Over 90% of tech buyers consume content early in the buyer’s journey and 85% consume it during the middle stage. It couldn’t be more clear: Your customers are looking for a seller to hold their hands at every stage of the buyer journey. If you aren’t on their minds before they approach sales, you won’t get their business.

Six ways to create a successful content marketing strategy

Any successful content marketing strategy will set you apart from your competitors and take your organization from good to great.  Some ideas to make this a reality are listed below:

  1. Position your business as a thought leader – Producing quality content that your audience wants on a regular basis is powerful. When your potential customers have questions you need to deliver the answers they are looking for. This is a great way to build a tribe around your products and services. It also helps build trust which is so important in today’s business world.
  2. Know your buyer – Creating a buyer persona is one of the secrets to success. This doesn’t just mean demographics. Psychographics are necessary. You need to know your customer inside and out. You need to become them and see the world through their eyes. If you can do this you will know what they want and what they need, maybe before they do.
  3. Tell your story – Stories are powerful. They evoke emotion and foster connection. The story of who you are, how you got here, what you hope to accomplish or deliver, and how you feel about your products, services, and customers can be profound and can deliver the results you are looking for. There is nothing more powerful than a good story.
  4. Keep your audience guessing – Mix it up and deliver a variety of content through a variety of mediums. Blogs, white papers, emails are great. What about a video or podcast? Maybe an interview with a thought leader. Create rituals, but don’t forget to stay innovative.
  5. Educate, Inform, and delight your customer – It’s not about you, your product, or your service. It’s about your customer. Give them the thoughts, ideas, and skills necessary to make the best decisions for them.
  6. Use data to drive decisions – There are tools to analyze data and measure the success of your strategy. Be sure to apply the scientific method to your customers, experimenting with A/B testing to deduce what they want from you.

Competing in today’s technology market is challenging, and having the best product or service does not guarantee success.

The primary marketing and sales goal is to make the buy decision as easy as possible, which means giving them all the information they need (and not a fact more) to make a confident decision in your favor. That is the goal of a great content marketing campaign.